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Mongol Rally 2004 Mini

A Mongol Rally team from 2004. Your brand identity could be down the side.

We need as much help as we can get on this adventure, but the rally can also be beneficial for potential sponsors – think of it as using us and the high publicity of the mongol rally as an advert for your company. If you are interested in sponsoring us then please contact us via email. We will answer any questions you have and can provide you with a sponsor information pack which includes further information/resources and some promotional items to get you started. Below is a little information to get you started.

What can you do to help?

The bottom line of this is as little or as much as you like. We are looking for sponsors to provide us with everything from equipment to aid us on our adventure, to a financial contribution. Anything you donate will help us get one step closer to reaching our goal for charities and the finish line in Mongolia.

What will you get in return?

Be it, from a small logo of your company on our trusty steed to a full blown advertising campaign. The Mongol Rally 2013 will be in it’s 10th year. It is documented all over the world and has reached millions of people be it during the rally or media coverage during and after the event and so is a great potential avenue of publicity for your business. Furthermore, in return for your sponsorship, we can offer:

- High definition pictures throughout the adventure, Including your company brand identity.

- Footage of our journey for use as PR and editorial coverage when we return.

- Advertising space, Not only on the vehicle but also on our website, posters, flyers, local newspapers and at our fundraising events.

- Live blog access and Global tracking, So you know how we’re getting on and where we are!

- Any other requests you may have.

Buying Vehicle Advertising Space

Please see the below image for available space on our car and the new banners for your company to put their logo/design on!

Please note this is a rough guide and all prices negotiable.
Logo Locations

Have your company logo/details on an 8′ x 2′ banner!

We will be setting these banners up in some of the most idyllic scenery and taking high resolution pictures for you to use when we return.

Prices include your banner being made, just send us your graphics.

x3 Images of your banner – £150

x6 Images of your banner – £200

x12 Images of your banner – £300

If you don’t have any artwork / graphics then please contact one of the team and we will get something designed for you.

What happens to our equipment when the rally is done?

The money and goods received from our sponsors will initially be used to aid our adventure. By this we mean, purchase the vehicle and purchase the necessary tools and equipment. Once the rally is over and we have reached our destination there is a charity auction where everything that has been needed to complete the rally is auctioned off. All the proceeds from this are given to charity – so one way or another, all the funds raised will go to charity.